Below you will find some testimonials by people who have been coached by Elisabeth. The experiences  are written by them.

Christiaan, Netherlands, 1 May 2020

After suffering from anxiety previously in two episodes, the third period started in November 2016. I could not yet suspect that this would be a very long episode. I got physical complaints (a tensed pelvic floor) and slept very poorly for months and I became very anxious. I went to Mental Healthcare for treatment and after a year I was prescribed my first benzos Oxazepam. Because that didn't help enough, I was also prescribed Alprazolam (Xanax). This was in November 2017. It helped immediately, and I fell into a wonderful sleep after taking the first dose. The first months I felt pretty good, but after a few months I became more and more anxious again and I became obsessive about my physical health and fear of illnesses that turned into fear of physical sensations.  (Click to read more)

Dave, Ohio USA, January 2020

I had just come home from another in-patient hospital stay (4th or 5th?), after feeling extremely hopeless.    My psychiatrist had ripped me off benzos and I was kindling in a bad way.  The physical and emotional pain was relentless.  I was looking to reinstate so I could start a slow taper.   A few days later, I crossed paths with an absolute miracle - Elisabeth.....(click to read more)

Marjorie, Netherlands, December 2019

“Liz is an experienced expert. Lovingly and patiently she guides and supports you in the difficult process, with a very warm heart and a lot of knowledge. I couldn't do it without her.”

Ellen, Netherlands, December 2019

“Elisabeth is a committed, effective and good coach, also due to her own experience with tapering.  As soon as I realised that the benzodiazepine I was prescribed was making me sicker, I could call her for advice. If I had listened to the Crisis Service I would probably have become much more ill, because they advise a much faster reduction. Thanks to Elisabeth I ended up on the right track and  was able to reduce the medicine in a responsible and calm manner. As a result, I was able to enjoy my family a lot more again. Elisabeth really saved me and my family; I was in really bad shape, so I could hardly take care of my daughter anymore, and that quickly changed in the right direction.”