Below you will find some testimonials by people who have been coached by Elisabeth. The experiences  are written by them.

Marike, Netherlands, 17 Januari 2023

Elisabeth, to me, is someone who has a second sense to know where the"pain" is. She asks questions and then usually, together withme, discovers the real problem that was hidden very quickly . She has a great understanding of how themental and emotional system works and where the anxiety comes from.  (Click to read more)

Christiaan, Netherlands, 1 May 2020

After suffering from anxiety previously in two episodes, the third period started in November 2016. I could not yet suspect that this would be a very long episode. I got physical complaints (a tensed pelvic floor) and slept very poorly for months and I became very anxious. I went to Mental Healthcare for treatment and after a year I was prescribed my first benzos Oxazepam. Because that didn't help enough, I was also prescribed Alprazolam (Xanax). This was in November 2017. It helped immediately, and I fell into a wonderful sleep after taking the first dose. The first months I felt pretty good, but after a few months I became more and more anxious again and I became obsessive about my physical health and fear of illnesses that turned into fear of physical sensations.  (Click to read more)

Dave, Ohio USA, January 2020

I had just come home from another in-patient hospital stay (4th or 5th?), after feeling extremely hopeless.    My psychiatrist had ripped me off benzos and I was kindling in a bad way.  The physical and emotional pain was relentless.  I was looking to reinstate so I could start a slow taper.   A few days later, I crossed paths with an absolute miracle - Elisabeth.....(click to read more)

Marjorie, Netherlands, December 2019

“Liz is an experienced expert. Lovingly and patiently she guides and supports you in the difficult process, with a very warm heart and a lot of knowledge. I couldn't do it without her.”

Ellen, Netherlands, December 2019

“Elisabeth is a committed, effective and good coach, also due to her own experience with tapering.  As soon as I realised that the benzodiazepine I was prescribed was making me sicker, I could call her for advice. If I had listened to the Crisis Service I would probably have become much more ill, because they advise a much faster reduction. Thanks to Elisabeth I ended up on the right track and  was able to reduce the medicine in a responsible and calm manner. As a result, I was able to enjoy my family a lot more again. Elisabeth really saved me and my family; I was in really bad shape, so I could hardly take care of my daughter anymore, and that quickly changed in the right direction.”