Easily schedule an appointment

There are many good reasons to make an appointment with me.


  • you may want to taper the medication yourself and you do not yet know how to do that
  • you are already tapering and need support because you feel very ill
  • you might want to change your fears into hope, change your unhelpful thoughts and beliefs into helpful ones
  • you want to learn new coping skills to deal with withdrawall
  • you want to learn how to desolve stress, anxiety and depression, without medication

Maybe you are the partner, parent, or friend of someone who is tapering medication and wondering how to deal with it or how you can help your loved-one tapering off the drug.

When you press the button to make an appointment, you can check my schedule when I have time and book a session when it suits you.

If you only have some questions and have you spoken to me before, you can also opt for a 15-minute session. Keep in mind that this is only suitable for several short questions.

Short contact
10 minutes                    free    
Coaching session
30 minutes                    €50,-              
Coaching session
60 minutes                    €85,-


Cancellation policy

Canceling a booked appointment is possible up to 48 hours before the appointment, after which the full costs will be charged. Rescheduling an appointment is possible up to 24 hours in advance and there are no extra costs involved.

You can read the full Terms & Conditions for The Taper Coach here.


The Taper Coach makes sure that your privacy is protected and that it is clear to both parties what is expected and given before, during and after the consultations.